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Choosing the type of flooring for your home is one of the most difficult decisions involved in interior designing. While marble, laminate, ceramic, or granite are the popular options. Solid hardwood timber flooring looks elegant and is the most durable. Let us look at the advantages of installing timber flooring.Timber flooring increases the end value of your property. While other types of floors look worn out after years of wear and tear, timber floors retain their character and value for several decades. If the finish of timber floor becomes dull over time or develops scratches, you can renew the finish by using the sand or grind methods or apply a fresh coat of urethane.Timber flooring is also eco friendly. With the advent of newer timber harvesting methods, and the presence of rules and regulations followed by tree cutters and controlled foresting practices, timber flooring is one of the eco friendly flooring options available in the market, as they have a minimal effect on the environment. Besides, timber floors can also be reused or recycled from old wooden boards which have been reclaimed from old properties.